WATCH: Natanael Cano Says He’d Collab With Pepe Aguilar After Their Beef

Lead Photo: Photo by Jhonny Arsenio Tarazona Sánchez.
Photo by Jhonny Arsenio Tarazona Sánchez.
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It seems like Natanael Cano is turning the other cheek on Pepe Aguilar’s previous critiques against corridos tumbados. In a recent red carpet interview, Cano didn’t dismiss the idea of collaborating with the Aguilar Dynasty singer. Instead, he welcomed the suggestion.

“Of course. I hope so,” Cano said when asked if he would ever sing with the “Por Mujeres Como Tú” singer during the MTV MIAW Awards’ red carpet. “I don’t do many duets, nor do I work as a team lately; I just focus on my music, but let’s see what comes up.”

He continued, “I have a corridos album, but I hope to record with Alejandro Fernández again. I hope to record with Pepe, as you say. I’m down for whatever.” 

This comes as a surprise, since a couple of years ago, the two artists were somewhat beefing with each other. In 2020, Aguilar described corridos tumbados as “mediocre, cheap, and pinche,” in an interview with El Escorpión Dorado. He reportedly said: “I’m traumatized by music right now because you don’t have to be a musician to make music nowadays… It’s part of the evolution of the music and the evolution of the species.”

“Everyone has different tastes,” the “Amor Tumbado” singer responded in an Instagram live. “You could’ve just said that you don’t like the music, moved on, and people would’ve respected that, but you had to use the shittiest words that exist.”

Aguilar then responded: “What low self-esteem you have to think I was talking about you. With all respect, I don’t even know who you are.”

However, their social media feud appears to be history now. What would a duet by one of corridos tumbados’ main exponents and the Zacatecan Regional Mexican figurehead sound like? We’ve already heard Cano experimenting with other genres in his latest album. Maybe 2022 is the year that Aguilar does the same.

Check out the red carpet moment below.