WATCH: Ozuna Parties in Madrid With “La Copa”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Aura Music.
Courtesy of Aura Music.
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Raise your glass because Ozuna is back outside and ready to keep the party going with his new single “La Copa.”

The track describes a guy who, after drinking some liquid courage, loses his inhibitions in front of a girl he’s into – a scenario some people might be all too familiar with. The music video, directed by Nuno Gomes, was shot over the summer in Madrid, Spain, during Ozuna’s European tour. 

In the visual, “El negrito de ojos claros” takes to the streets of Madrid and visits different sites across the city throughout the day. He takes photos with fans, gets involved in a water gun fight, plays soccer, and wraps things up at an intimate concert at the end of the night. It might have been a long day for the superstar, but surely his fans are thankful for the opportunity to create a unique memory that will last a lifetime. 

“I just saw Ozuna in Madrid, wtf,” wrote a lucky fan on Twitter.

“Traveling through La Plaza Mayor in Madrid, and you run into Ozuna!” wrote a fan who caught some of the action. “Madre mía, how crazy!”

Last month, Ozuna teamed up with Dominican rapper Tokischa on “Somos Iguales” to close out the summer with a banger. Upon his return to the U.S., the Puerto Rican rapper performed on “Good Morning America” for their Summer Concert Series in Central Park, New York. Ozuna will also appear at the upcoming Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday, Sept. 29, and the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on his highly anticipated new studio album, OZUTOCHI.

Bottoms up! Watch Ozuna’s “La Copa” below.