WATCH: Ozuna Teams Up With Tokischa On “Somos Iguales”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Sony Music Latin.
Courtesy of Sony Music Latin.
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On Aug. 10, Ozuna teamed up with Tokischa for his newest joint track, “Somos Iguales.” The results? A surprising, last-minute summer banger.

The catchy Caribbean-rhythmic track was produced by DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, Jowny, and Hydro. The song notably samples the entrancing “Rich Girl” (1993) by Louchie Lou and Michie One. As far as the song’s theme goes, it’s all about equality. Ozuna shared with Billboard that he wanted to “generalize that we are all the same.” 

The brown and red-palette video starts in what appears to be a union of government officials. Ozuna and Tokischa cause a sudden disruption, walking in while blasting a The Purge-like horn. Suddenly, the officials start to dance in a zombie-style union, all while the singers are the center of attention. Police eventually come into the scene, but it doesn’t end in violence. Instead, the government officials dance and kiss the police officers.

The collaboration was a surprise to many. Youtube user Mk – La Ciencia wrote: “Waoo I never imagined that this collaboration would happen someday, and the truth is that this song ended up being super super and the video is no less than creative, natural for Ozuna and Tokisha. I love it and I’m proud to see a collaboration like this one.”

Youtube user Rudy Rodriguez, wrote how Toki’s verse outshined Ozuna’s: “I’ve listened to several Ozuna collaborations and this is the second time Ozuna has been surpassed by a collaborator’s verse. Chencho Corleone, in ‘Una Locura’ and now Tokisha, who, despite her explicit way of expressing herself in her songs, continues to grow and hang out with important artists. At the beginning, who would have thought she would be where she is now!”

It’s no secret that Toki’s verses have been hot for a while now. Last week, she released her collaboration “Hola” with Eladio Carrión. On the other hand, Ozuna is preparing to embark on his tour, which starts on Sept. 30 in Brooklyn, NY.

Watch the music video for “Somos Iguales” below.