WATCH: Penélope Cruz Joins Residente in Powerful ‘313’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Esteban Chacin.
Photo by Esteban Chacin.
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Residente continues to combine his love for music and film masterfully. Last night (Feb. 20), the Puerto Rican icon released his cinematic music video for “313” featuring Spanish actress Penélope Cruz and singer Silvia Pérez Cruz.

Residente first teased “313” this past weekend in a teaser called “Mensaje de Voz.” The song and music video are dedicated to the memory of Valentina, a close friend who passed away. She worked closely with him and was a violin player. In the teaser, he leaves her a voice message and talks about the significance of the number 313.

“Since you left, I started seeing the number 313 everywhere. On hotel rooms, in my phone, on watches, on the microwave, in addresses, everywhere,” Residente says. “I didn’t know that number 313 was connected to you.”

Last year, Residente sang about wanting to be a “balladista” with Ricky Martin, and he’s now having that moment. “313” is a beautiful ballad discussing how life and death are connected. The song opens with a spoken word moment by Cruz on the circle of life and living in the moment. Residente then sings and spits profound rhymes about missing his friend and how he continues to feel her presence through nature. Valentina’s sister plays violin in the song, and Pérez Cruz adds an otherworldly performance to the mix. The music video for “313” was directed by Residente. Cruz and Pérez Cruz also appear in the gorgeous video that captures the beauty of life and the transition to death. 

Residente’s Las Letras Ya No Importan album will be released this Friday, Feb. 23. After showing his support for Palestine amidst the situation in Gaza, Palestinian singer Amal Murkus will feature on the song “Bajo Los Escombros.” Busta Rhymes, Big Daddy Kane, Vico C, Rauw Alejandro, Jessie Reyez, Wos, and Christian Nodal will also appear on the album. 

Check out the “313” music video below.