WATCH: RaiNao Celebrates Lesbian Visibility Day With “Tentretiene”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of SONAR/RIMAS Entertainment.
Courtesy of SONAR/RIMAS Entertainment.
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RaiNao is celebrating her fans in the LGBTQ+ community in a special way. The rising Puerto Rican star released the music video for her new single “Tentretiene” on Lesbian Visibility Day (April 26).

Last year, RaiNao made a splash with her EP Ahora A.K.A. Nao. Her alternative perreo sound has captivated people like Bad Bunny who is a fan of hers. At his Un Verano Sin Ti concerts in Puerto Rico, Benito brought out RaiNao as a special guest. She performed her breakthrough song, “LUV.”

RaiNao, who has previously collaborated with trans rapper Villano Antillano, has a strong LGBTQ+ fan base. In “Tentretiene,” she sings about the time that she was infatuated with a woman. RaiNao brings back reggaeton’s bachateao sound by beautifully blending the genres in the entrancing track. 

“As a little girl, when mommy discovered my first crushes at school and questioned me, I would always tell her, ‘I don’t like it,’ to avoid the conversation and hide it from her,” RaiNao shared in a statement. “Mommy would always answer me, ‘Yes, yes baby, you don’t like it, it entertains you.’ And that’s where this song comes from.”

The music video for “Tentretiene” opens with the question: “What would you sacrifice for love?” To reflect the song’s bachateao sound, the music video was shot in RaiNao’s Puerto Rican hometown of Santurce and in the Dominican Republic. RaiNao and her summer love share their intimate adventures on both islands. In the teaser for the video on her Instagram page, RaiNao shares a kiss with the woman from her video.

RaiNao considers herself to be an ally and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Earlier this year, she performed at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX. There’s yet to be a word if her latest single will lead to a new album or EP. 

Check out the music video for  “Tentretiene” below.