WATCH: Rauw Alejandro & Daddy Yankee Make It Rain “PANTIES Y BRASIERES” in New Music Video

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Duars Entertainment.
Courtesy of Duars Entertainment.
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It’s finally out! Rauw Alejandro’s new music video “PANTIES Y BRASIERES” featuring the GOAT Daddy Yankee was released yesterday (Feb. 7). The results of two reggaeton tastemakers together? Nothing short of epic. 

“One of my favorite videos with one of my favorite artists @daddyyankee aka Yankeeman is out,” Rauw wrote in an Instagram post. “Saturno would not exist if it wasn’t for the inspiration that this legend has given me and for all the underground scene in PR back in the days the late ‘90s.” 

Following his latest music video, “RON COLA,” Rauw released a futuristic and digitized visual for “PANTIES Y BRASIERES.” Like his past videos, this new music video features an out-of-this-world, almost apocalyptic scenery with robotic figures and alien-like wardrobe. In one frame, we see Rauw with only half his body connected to heavy equipment from his back. Another frame shows Daddy Yankee laying down his verses as motorcyclists pass him in what appears to be a deserted atmosphere. Towards the middle of the video, there’s a quick cameo of Angel Dior. To wrap things up, DY and Rauw are on top of a mountain whilst raining panties and bras. 

Social media is loving the collaboration between the two Boricuas. A YouTube user, @sudhoonahmed3233, wrote: “This album was not average, it was a masterpiece. Rauw is one of the few artists that brings new things to reggaeton and tries new things, takes risks and every song on this album is fire. The versatility this man has 🤯 this is the future!!!! el zorro y la cabra lo rompieron.” Another YouTube user, @HuevosCafe, wrote: “Rauw is one of the few who knows how to get the most out of Yankee in a song, he takes it to the underground where Yankee is a specialist.”

It’s no secret that this track means a lot to Rauw. “Daddy Yankee for me means reggaeton himself,” he previously told Apple Music 1’s host Zane Lowe about the icon. “He was one of the first artists who put that type of genre outside the island, around the world, with his biggest hit, ‘Gasolina.’”

“Even in China [and] Japan, they were dancing to his songs. So it’s like he helped to support and put more big Latin music in the Reggaeton culture,” he continued. “And for me, it means as a Puerto Rican, I feel really, really proud.”

Watch the official music video for “PANTIES Y BRASIERES” below.