WATCH: ‘Rebelde’ Rivals Reunite on TikTok to Sing ‘Sálvame’

Lead Photo: Credit: Canal de las Estrellas
Credit: Canal de las Estrellas
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Rebelde fans who can’t get enough of the hype around the Netflix reboot need to look no further than María Fernanda Malo’s TikTok account. Earlier this week, the actress better known as “Fuzz” and who played Sol de la Riva in the Mexican version of the show, reunited with her former telenovela costar and on-screen rival Anahí on TikTok for a duet of the song “Sálvame.”

In the 44 second TikTok, Anahí — Miss Mia Colucci in the flesh — and Fuzz are seen side by side on a dual-screen. Anahí says, “will you sing with me?” as the song crescendos in and she begins the duet. “Extrañarte es mi necesidad (To miss you is my necessity),” she sings, the iconic opening line from RBD’s “Sálvame.” “Tú (you),” she then says, going off-script to queue in Fuzz, who then picks up the next lyrics: “Vivo en la desesperanza desde que tu ya no vuelves mas (I live in despair since you’ve been gone).”  

The two actresses, pictured radiant, glammed out, and show-ready, exchange a couple of more lines, with Fuzz adding her own vocal color into this classic. The duet is so good it makes you completely forget that their on-screen rivalry was one of the most gut-wrenching of its time. As we can recall from the show, Sol was indiscriminately petty, going as far as trying to make Mia’s boyfriend fall for her. Leave it to Rebelde to illustrate the melodrama that is high school romances. 

Earlier this month, Fuzz joined another Rebelde cast-mate and RBD alumn for another duet — but this time in person. Joined by Dulce María, they sang an acoustic rendition of OV7’s “Un pie tras otro pie.” Back in the ‘90s, both actresses and singers used to be in a musical group called Kids. 

Fuzz has periodically dipped her feet in the Rebelde hype since the show reboot began streaming on Netflix earlier this year, taking to TikTok to have some fun. Should we take these TikToks as her audition for season 2? We could definitely use some grown-up drama on the new show, to which she would be perfect for!