WATCH: María Fernanda Malo Shares Hilarious ‘Rebelde’ Tik Tok

Lead Photo: Credit: Canal de las Estrellas
Credit: Canal de las Estrellas
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María Fernanda Malo, also known as Fuzz, is having some fun with the revival. The actress, who played Sol de la Riva, Mia Colucci’s rival in the original Rebelde, recently joined TikTok, and of course, had something to say about the new Rebelde

Unlike Sergio Mayer Mori, however, there was no shade in her video. Just some good old-fashioned fun, and perhaps, a possibility for the future.

In the TikTok, the actress can be seen watching something off-camera, which the captions indicate is the new Rebelde. She looks super happy to be checking out the show, until she realizes she’s not in it, which is when she makes a face. This has, of course, fueled speculation that she might make her way back to Elite Way School in season 2. And honestly, we could think of worse things to happen.

Sol wasn’t exactly anyone’s favorite back in the day, we were all rooting for Mia, but Malo made for a fun antagonist and it’d be pretty interesting to see what she’s been up to in the past few years. The show has already given us some familiar faces – Estefania Villareal, who plays Celina Ferrer, the school’s principal, among them – but we wouldn’t say no to more of the original cast making an appearance.

The Rebelde revival, which has already been renewed for season 2, and has captured the hearts of many new – and old fans – is now streaming on Netflix.