WATCH: Romeo Santos Reveals Pregnant Girlfriend on “Solo Conmigo”

Lead Photo: Photo by Fernando Lugo.
Photo by Fernando Lugo.
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Romeo Santos shared a beautiful message in his new music video for “Solo Conmigo,” released last night (Jan. 17). The Dominican-American icon revealed that he’s going to be a father again, with his pregnant girlfriend appearing in the NSFW video.

Santos created a stir online earlier this week with the teaser for his “Solo Conmigo” video. The clip featured the Aventura singer’s head between a woman’s legs. One fan best summarized the controversy on Twitter: “The new Romeo Santos video has a lot of people criticizing it and others wishing they were the model in the video.”

In one last teaser before the music video’s release last night, Santos responded to the online chatter: “With my art, you’ll find yourself entertained, you’ll identify with it, you’re inspired by it, or you’re offended by it.”

For fans expecting a super sexy video, Santos delivered just that with a surprise message: He and his girlfriend are expecting another baby. This marks the first time Santos features his girlfriend in one of his videos. The couple make love throughout the romantic video, including that infamous scene of Santos singing between his girlfriend’s legs. In the last scene, Santos is lying next to his pregnant girlfriend; He later kisses her baby bump.

Santos and his girlfriend are expecting their third child together. This will be Santos’ fourth child, following his sons Alex Damian, Valentino, and Solano. Fans on Twitter were once again wishing that they were Santos’ girlfriend after seeing the “Solo Conmigo” music video. “Forever heartbroken. Romeo Santos is expecting a child that is not mine,” one fan wrote. “Romeo Santos is going to be a dad, and not with me. How unfortunate my life is,” another fan wrote. 

“Solo Conmigo” is one of the songs on Santos’ latest album Formula Vol. 3. The LP includes the hits like “Sin Fin” with Justin Timberlake and “El Pañuelo” featuring Rosalía. 

Check out the music video for “Solo Conmigo” below.