Alex Ferreira’s New Video “Cambio,” is Perfect 80s Kitsch

Alex Ferreira seems like a fun guy. Not only does the big-haired Dominican make music videos on the sets of former porn sets from 1987, he fills the space with pink guitars, hula-hooping, and some sort of homemade karate challenge. He gets ten out of ten for enthusiasm, with his break-dancing efforts particularly worthy of mention, evoking the rare style known as ‘intoxicated toddler’.

The tune that accompanies this day-glo slice of sweltering nostalgia is “Cambio,” the first single from Alex’s upcoming album Cinema Tropical, in which shimmering synth is cross-cut with stabbing blasts of sheer pop. The real treat is the video’s mesmerizing special effects, with the kind of visuals that remind us that everything cool actually happened a long time ago. There’s a high potential for dazzled retinas here, deftly offset by the pouting seriousness of our backing dancers.

In a recent interview with Remezcla, Alex told us that Cinema Tropical is particularly concerned with carnal enterprises. “Most of the themes revolve around sex — less romantic and more sexual. Also I talk a lot about nature, especially tropical nature. Songs like “Cambio,” “Polaridad” and “Sabiduría Barata” talk more about existential subjects.” With moves like these, he’ll be fighting them off everywhere he goes.