Álvaro Díaz Gets Real About the Come Up in This Doc About the Making of ‘iLUMILATIN Vol. 1’

Mimicking the chaotic environment that is studio life, the beginning of a seven-minute documentary following Álvaro Díaz‘s journey to complete iLUMILATIN Vol. 1 comes at you fast, with quick clips of Díaz recording music, goofing off, and just being himself. When it finally slows down, Díaz is shown driving around saying that he doesn’t have time to be a hater.

There’s a lot of real talk from Díaz, who once again rejects people’s expectations of what he should be doing with his career. Footage of him performing, recording, and talking are cut with anime clips for a full picture of the rapper and what it was like for him to record his new album. The documentary was directed by Cesar Berrios. Check it out above.