Bad Bunny has been shamelessly flaunting his manicures for months now, so it’s no surprise that the Puerto Rican trap star decided he’d open his latest video with shots of his perfectly lacquered nails. A few seconds into the video for “Caro,” a cut from Bad Bunny’s debut album X100PRE, the camera pans to his face, where he’s replaced by a woman with a similar head of impressive graphics and a wacky wardrobe.

The video stars Puerto Rican model Jazmyne Joy, who appears in eccentric fits and cruises through her neighborhood on a Ferrari convertible. On Instagram, Joy expressed her gratitude for appearing in the video. “This video means a lot to me, not because I appear in it, but because I’m seeing how an artist this big is creating so much diversity and showing us that we are all gold,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

The clip was co-directed by urbano staple Fernando Lugo and Bad Bunny himself. It includes plenty of other wild visual effects, like glitchy stills, erupting volcanoes, and even a runway show featuring gender non-conforming models. The video comes to an end with a makeout session with Joy, underscoring the song’s message of self-love.

Peep it below: