Bad Bunny Calls for Boricua Resilience in Freestyle “Mi Puerto Rico”

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans across the diaspora have stepped up to support their community in the face of government neglect. Many Boricuas have still been unable to contact their families, as the island’s electric grid was decimated in the storm. Among them is Bad Bunny, trap en español’s poster boy. Just six days ago, the rapper posted an emotional freestyle on Instagram while on tour in Europe. In the caption, he explains how he has yet to hear from his mother. “I still haven’t even been able to speak to my mom, and I swear that is what hurts me the most…You don’t know how difficult it is for me to be so far from my home and be unable to do anything. My body is in Europe, but my soul and mind are in Puerto Rico,” he wrote.

Today, Bad Bunny released a version of the freestyle on streaming platforms, in which he ruminates on the future of the island amidst its destruction. Over skeletal 808s, the Vega Baja rapper abandons his gravelly baritone for a more somber flow. “El árbol se planta, la flor vuelve y crece/somos la estrella que alumbra/aunque estemos sin luz seis meses,” he rhymes.

Later, he calls for resilience in his community. “Aunque María se llevó los techos y colapsó los puentes/no pudo colapsar la valentía de mi gente.” It isn’t a studio quality production, but the fear and pain resonates nonetheless.

Stream it via Spotify above, and Apple Music below.