Becky G and Bad Bunny Play a Scammer Couple in the “Mayores” Video

Becky G has been quietly plotting her first Spanish-language album since last summer, when she dropped the gossamer dembow-lite single “Sola.” The Mexican-American singer may have gotten her start with the playground rap of “Becky From the Block,” but as an artist who made a conscious decision to move into the Latin market, she’s part of a growing generation of artists who are demanding the Anglo market contend with Spanish-language pop on their terms.

The Mexican-American singer has teamed up with Puerto Rican trap poster boy Bad Bunny for the latest single from her upcoming album, titled “Mayores.” In the clip, Becky struts in a speakeasy, eventually seducing a viejito and convincing him to follow her home. But plot twist: in the video, Bad Bunny is Becky’s literal partner in crime; they’re grade-A scammers who con the older man out of his jewelry, with Bad Bunny playing the getaway driver.

Watch the clip above, and keep an eye out for Becky G’s upcoming album soon.