Brenmar and Gutta Deliver a Colossal BBHMM Remix

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Save yourself the work of combing through hundreds of “BBHMM” remixes on SoundcloudBrenmar and Gutta deliver on their colossal edit of Bad Gal RiRi’s latest single. Chicago native and NYC transplant Brenmar (aka Bill Salas), along with Jersey club collaborator Gutta of Cartel Nation, have created an impressive ode to Rihanna’s drunken club anthem, boosting its tempo and drenching the track in frenetic hi-hat rolls and heavy drum kicks. They masterfully intersperse infectious claps with samples of Drake’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard reference in “Worst Behavior” and—of all things—Homer Simpson’s attempts to get his $20 back from Bart. The samples add a dash of comedy that Jersey club has come to be known for, and let us know that if Homer Simpson has to hustle for his money, so do we all. You can check out the “BBHMM” remix and five other new edits on Brenmar’s Not for Resale tape, which he released today.

FYI Brenmar is performing at The Greatest Day Ever festival this Saturday in Miami.