C. Tangana’s “Lo Hace Conmigo” Is a Drug-Fueled Ballad for Late Night Lust

Drake-obsessed rapper C. Tangana is still reeling from the buzz he garnered for his mixtape 10/15, which dropped in October – but definitely don’t tell him that. The rapper’s October release is a collection of five Brugal Papi covers, which collectively have over four million YouTube hits. Though the tape references the lonely boy R&B Drake is famous for, C. Tangana is quick to point out that his work is his no tribute. “I don’t have to pay tribute to anyone…I use Drake,” he told Tiu Mag late last year.

Now, C. Tangana is making sure we know he can stand on the strength of his original work, thanks to his new video for “Lo Hace Conmigo.” The BBM-produced track is a sinister ballad for drug-fueled late nights, and meditates on a fraught co-dependent relationship. “Lo hace conmigo,” he murmurs, “pero no lo hace por mi.” Thematically, it’s nothing new from the depressed loverboy rap taking over the Internet today, but the visuals are certainly on par with any major label artist. In the clip, a young blonde woman played by Olivia Baglivi walks across a room during a raucous party, only to find C. Tangana in his underwear on the other side. It’s an impressive effort overall, and certainly a sign of the rapper’s ability to capture a mood and sound garnering appeal in the rap-R&B crossover world.

If you’re in Mexico, be sure to catch C. Tangana at Festival Ceremonia on Saturday, April 9.