Cardi B Goes Full Dominican on the Latin Trap Remix of “Bodak Yellow”

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Between buying her first Bentley, cracking the Billboard Top 10, and performing a sold out show at Queens’ MoMA Ps1 museum this week, Cardi B has been living her best life. After teasing the Spanish-language remix of “Bodak Yellow” on La Mega 97.9’s Dominican Day Parade float this past Sunday, Cardi is finally revealing the new version of her massive hit.

On the Latin Trap remix, which features fellow Dominican rapper Messiah El Artista, Cardi flips the English lyrics, peppering each verse with fierce Dominican slang. “You in the club, tú chapeando, yo llegando y cobrado,” she spits. “Yo me robo a tu novio — ooh — hago coro con tu esposo/Tu jevo ‘ta aficia’o, sé que lo tengo sabroso.”

Messiah hops in for a bilingual third verse, bringing his Harlem flows in full force. He even makes enough time for a nod to living meme Welinton Quiw, the viral sensation whose “Un Corito Sano” is dominating quisqueyano social media.

For Messiah, nabbing a co-sign from one of the buzziest rappers in the game is a sure shot at breaking out of New York’s local rap scene. And for Cardi, a Spanish-language remix guarantees radio play in multiple markets – expect this rework to be bursting out of your speakers on Latin, pop, and hip-hop radio. Here’s hoping the remix gives “Bodak Yellow” the extra boost it needs to break into number one and finally unseat “Despacito”’s evil reign on the charts.

We’ll miss the sinister flow of “These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes,” but bet that this remix is about to light up Uptown clubs and Bronx blocks.