Carin León Sings His Heart Out In Tragic ‘Cobarde’ Music Video

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Carin León is getting ready for Valentine’s Day with his new single “Cobarde.” In the music video, premiering on Remezcla today, the rising Mexican star soundtracks a tragic love story.

León had a breakthrough year in 2020 thanks to his hit single “Tú,” in which he put a Sierreño twist on the ’90s classic by Puerto Rican singer Noelia. León’s cover became the most-streamed regional Mexican music song on Spotify last year, according to the platform. With his new single “Cobarde,” he keeps the tears flowing.

“‘Cobarde’ is a song that talks about how we, as humans, allow ourselves to be overcome by fear and because of that, we lose out on the opportunity to be happy,” León tells Remezcla.

Like “Tú,” León’s latest is another Sierreño heartbreaker. In “Cobarde,” he sings about his pride getting in the way of letting a woman know how he feels. Suffering in silence, León drives that internal struggle home in a soulful yet chilling performance. Cowards will get the courage to speak up after this one.

In the emotional music video, León sings “Cobarde” to a man who is afraid to apologize to his girlfriend. Instead of just owning up to his mistake, he drives away in the rain and gets caught up in a crash that appears to be fatal. However, the words “to be continued” appear.

In a surprise move, León will appear on Spanish rapper C. Tangana’s El Madrileño album this month. He features on “Cambia!” with Mexican-American singer Adriel Favela. “I have become a fan of [C. Tangana’s] work as a result of this collaboration,” León says. “It’s a fusion that will blow your mind when you see how you can merge two cultures that are so different yet so similar in a harmonious, interesting, and fresh way.”

As for what’s next Leon adds, “We’re going to continue to preserve the sounds and folklore of regional Mexican music, but it’s our goal with the next releases to reinvent our music, and, perhaps it sounds a bit ambitious, give the genre a more mainstream sound.”