Carla Morrison Dances in Space in the Gorgeous Video for “Vez Primera”

After dropping an expansive, deeply personal album in November, Carla Morrison took a break from looking inward and teamed up with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for a cut from their recent album This Unruly Mess I’ve Made. As expected, Carla was the song’s saving grace; she washes the track in her pristine vocals. Now, Carla is revisiting Amor Supremo for a new video.

Directed by Mexican creative agency Broducers, the clip for “Vez Primera” is a gorgeous portrait of Morrison’s artistic and creative spirit. In front of a cosmic swirl of stars and planets, the singer-songwriter dances and croons in her signature lovelorn whisper. Morrison continues to dole out high-quality pieces to support Amor Supremo, and this video is no different. With a boutique label budget and a virtuosic record under her belt, we’re only excited to see where Carla sweeps us off to next.