Chilean Dreamwave Popsters ZEBRA 93 Preview Album With Exclusive Jamtape

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In spite of its recent relocation to London and new name, Santiago-originating record label ENDMK shows no sign of letting up on its commitment to creating an international platform for Chile’s flourishing electro-pop and house scene.

The latest project on the label roster is from striking dream-wave outfit ZEBRA 93, who follow up last year’s debut Dimensions with a new, as-yet-untitled EP next month. Being the good people they are, ZEBRA 93 have put together a rather delightful jamtape of spaced-out funk hooks, clubby breaks and plentiful synth that gives a good idea of what we can expect from the new record. There’s enough going on here to grab the attention of anyone pining for the lost era of radiant disco or for those whose toast is buttered on the side of producer-driven sound experimentation. All in all, it’s a fine dose of upbeat summertime fulfillment, and a worthy addition to Chile’s impressive canon of listener-friendly goodness.