Award for Most Mysterious Track of the Week Goes to Costavision’s “蒸気波 もう一夜 10007”

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Lurking within the deep recesses of Soundcloud, comes this little number by the name of, err, “もう一夜 10007,” from Ecuador’s Carlitos Costavision. Costavision seems to be the latest producer to realize that long-lost 80s synth floor-fillers can be dramatically improved by overlaying them with upbeat cosmic melodies that seem to emerge from every possible musical orifice. The end result is best described as the soundtrack to a David Lynch film when your DVD player is screwed and only plays things at a third of their normal speed.

Having awoken this morning to the tragic news that Mr Lynch will not, in fact, be making the long-awaited Twin Peaks sequel, I think we’ve at least found a good soundtrack candidate for whatever the director’s next project is. A listen to the rest of Costavision’s material reveals tunes crying out to be snapped up by just such an enterprising visual artist, ideally to be used on a new series about some other creepy alternate-universe suburbia. We’re big fans, keenly aware that sometimes music is a dish best served retro-weird.