On Their Eclectic Self-Titled Debut EP, CONCO Open a Window to Puerto Rico at Night

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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When up-and-coming Boricua duo CONCO debuted in September 2018 with their Gilberto Gil-sampling single “Guerra,” they introduced us to their charming laid-back style which sole purpose was to make us dance. A little over a year later, singer/songwriter Jorge Chafey and house DJ and producer Ian Cahill are finally ready to share with the world their first collection of songs, the seven-track CONCO EP. The first single off the EP “Trópico Salvaje” premieres at Remezcla exclusively today.

Conceived after Hurricane Maria, often during the island restoration efforts, in which the two artists participated, CONCO EP is also Chafey and Cahill’s way to rebuild with their music.”[“Trópico Salvaje”] is about resilience & empowerment, says Chafey. “You know when you play video games and the goal is to defeat the boss or bad guy, then you get their weapon or skill in order to go to the next level. That was the inspiration behind the lyrics. Ian and I thought about the turmoil Puerto Rico has been in from hurricanes to the corruption and even the heat. All of these pieces give you strength & anti-bodies that we want to channel in the music.”

They worked hard to conjure a beachy feel that captured the essence of how they see and experience Puerto Rico at nighttime, opening a window to long nights of warm weather, intoxicating spirits, and sweaty dance sessions.

Opening track “Piña Colada” sets the tone with an ode to the popular cocktail. They guide us through a trip to Icacos over a driving slowed-down house beat and we can almost feel the sea water dripping down our bodies. The track spills into the first of the EP interludes, “CONCO-LUDIO 1,” where things heat up with some extra Afro-Caribbean percussion, like the ones that also bring the flavor to “Trópiko Salvaje,” the EP’s standout moment. Here, Chafey compares himself to a list of the things he finds most annoying of living in the island (humidity, the inclement noon sun, comején) and turns it into a reason to celebrate.

Right on the middle of the EP is “Danza Macabra,” its sole previously-released single, where CONCO take elements of Afrobeat, like its irresistible rhythm and circularity, with the purpose of creating a trance-like state on people so they can tear down their inhibitions and surrender to passion. On the same vein, but using faster BPMs, “Terapia Rítmica” also believes in the curative powers of movement.

After going completely wild with the EP’s neurotic second interlude “CONCO-LUDE 2,” CONCO closes with “#patabajo,” a more straightforward tropical house track where Chafey is broke and lazy, but he is still planning to let loose and party all the way down.

With their debut EP, CONCO’s fun-loving attitude is contagious, and their picture of a Puerto Rican night out is appealing. Now that summer is over and fall is upon us, we can count on CONCO for a quick visit to a Caribbean beach in under 25 minutes.

Check out our exclusive premiere of  “Trópico Salvaje here:

CONCO’s self-titled EP drops tomorrow.