Elsa De Alfonso y Los Prestigio Filmed a New Video in a Catalan Villa

The veritable supergroup Los Prestigiowhich features members of Extraperlo and Doble Pletina and is fronted by scenester-turned-singer Elsa De Alfonso, are back again with a very special live recording. Although we’re still anticipating a longer release from the group, for now we have a beautiful clip that showcases what we can expect from this meeting of the minds.

Right off their success with the sexy heartbreaker video for “Gardenias,” Elsa de Alfonso y los Prestigio visited La Casa Murada, a masia-turned-recording-studio for a quick Tots Sants session. A masia is a rural house common in Catalan territories, so understandably, it’s a beautiful setting for a video. The sessions yielded four songs–two previously released, while the other two are completely new. To get our hearts racing, they’ve shared the video for “El Oleaje” to show those of us at home how the magic happens.

The first song ever released in association with the project, “El Oleaje” is an ode to indecision set to new wave guitars. It’s another fine showcase of the band’s take on post-Movida pop, with the group shining most brightly towards the end of the song. There even seems to be a whiff of Chilean pop in this version of the track.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the songs recorded in this session, which will be available by the end of the summer.