Living Meme #DominicanDrake Turns Up at Casa de Campo in French Montana’s “No Shopping” Video

About a month ago, we jubilantly celebrated the return of Dominican Drake, chancletas and all. Now Brugal Papi is leveling up to the next stage in his evolution with the video for “No Shopping,” a cut from French Montana‘s upcoming album MC4. The clip, which was helmed by Dominican-Puerto Rican director Spiff TV, finds the pair donning suits and fake mustaches in the Dominican Republic’s Casa de Campo, posing as announcers for a golf tournament called El Coke Boys Clásico. Champagne Papi becomes El Draké, and French Montana gets an expertly placed “ñ” added to his name to go along with his silly fake Spanish.

When I first chronicled the rise of Dominican Drake last year, I had no idea he’d reach dad rap levels, but here we are. It’s not the first time Drizzy has partied at Casa de Campo for a video; 2013’s “Started From the Bottom” clip found him flashing la bandera in front of the camera. But back then, the Boy was still a mere jevito, a babe destined to blossom into a beautiful, fully formed viejo who wears chancletas and full suits at the same damn time. It’s official: Drizzy is a living, breathing meme.

P.S. Drake’s merengue moves at 0:51. ?