Fuego’s Remix of “One Dance” by Drake Will Be the Soundtrack to Your Summer

Lead Photo: Fuego
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It was only a matter of time until our boy Fuego came out of the woodwork to remix Drake’s UK funky and dancehall-inspired new single “One Dance.” The man behind the only “Hotline Bling” remix worth listening to is not shy about repping his love for Brugal Papi, so it only makes sense that “Un Baile” has arrived just two days after Drake dropped one of the lead singles off Views From the 6.

Fuego’s version slaps as hard as Drizzy’s, but as expected, the singer flips the original into Spanish and adds a healthy dose of Dominican tigueraje. Whether or not you’re in love with Drake’s newfound dancehall obsession, expect this one to blast from every Escalade in Washington Heights this summer.

Keep an eye out for Fuego’s “35 Pa Las 12” video featuring J Balvin, and read our review of his latest album Fireboy Forever 2 here.