Looking at the list of features for the remix to “Gucci Gang” might induce a double take. A few years ago, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, and French Montana appearing on a track with Latin trap and reggaeton stars like J Balvin, Ozuna, and Bad Bunny was just the stuff of dreams, an abstract fantasy in an alternate dimension of música urbana.

But in this, the year of multilingual global remixes, code switching between flows and languages is the new normal. On Saturday, March 17, OVO Sound Radio premiered the all-star remix of “Gucci Gang” on episode 58 of their staple Apple Music radio show. In between pretty standard verses from Gucci, French and 21,  El Conejo Malo, Balvin and El Negrito de los Ojos Claros take a shot at reinterpreting the addictive, chart-topping hit from the Internet’s favorite rainbow-haired Cuban-Mexican-American rapper.

Though some verses are more successful than others, at the very least, the stacked list of features is symbolic. A meeting of minds that includes the trap god and the rappers reinterpreting his pioneering flows for themselves in Spanish, all on a breakout hit from the poster boy of lo-fi SoundCloud rap? Count me in.

Listen to the remix on Apple Music, or click above.