J Balvin’s “Sigo Extrañándote” Video Runs Like a Juicy Telenovela

J Balvin fans will be happy to learn that the seapunk reggaetonero is at it again, only a week after his historic ambassadorship at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. Today he unveils a theatrical video for “Sigo Extrañándote,” a syrupy cut from his virtuosic album Energía. In the clip, Balvin plays a father and husband with a seemingly flawless life, perfect cotton-candy hair, and a Gucci Ghost jacket – that is, until a deceptive phone call from someone who seems to be Sky Rompiendo, one of Balvin’s go-to producers, sends it all up in flames (literally). Luxury apartments, expensive cars, and beautiful women abound – real telenovela hours here. US-based fans, keep your fingers crossed for an American tour soon.

In the meantime, check out our behind-the-scenes look at Balvin’s journey through Fashion Week.