Kali Uchis & Juanes Unveil New Collab “El Ratico,” a Folk Tale About Bittersweet Love

Last summer was the first time we got word that parceros Kali Uchis and Juanes were teaming up for a collab. On Instagram, Uchis explained that the two were connected after Juanes saw her video for “Ridin’ Round,” which was shot in her hometown of Pereira. Back in August, Uchis gushed over spending time with one of her idols in the studio. “Grateful to have been working this year with some of the most influential people to my upbringing,” she wrote.

Now the fruit of that collaboration has arrived: a folksy number titled “El Ratico” that chronicles a love undone. It’s a classic tale about a bittersweet liaison that wasn’t meant to be. In the clip, Uchis and Juanes trade verses in what appears to be a Colombian cafe. Kali strikes a pose, delivering a bilingual verse with the soulful confidence she’s known for. “Tú ya sabes me and you just don’t belong/No me digas más ‘cause we won’t ever get along,” she coos. “Se acabó el ratico/aquí está el anillo/No I don’t wanna be amigos.”

The high-profile collab is a sure shot at success for Kali, whose debut full-length has been in the works for months. Here’s hoping the link-up with an industry stalwart will bring the pastel princess to the next step of career.

Juanes’ visual album Mis Planes Son Amarte drops on May 12.