Kali Uchis Fulfills All of Our Fabulous Divorcée Dreams in the “Only Girl” Video

We’re still obsessed with the irresistible, honey-sweet ballads of Colombian songstress Kali Uchis. Her latest video for “Only Girl” reaffirms Kali’s pristine pastel vision, only she takes The Internet’s Steve Lacy and Vince Staples along for the ride this time. In the self-directed visual, Uchis embodies all our fabulous divorcée dreams, serving immaculately manicured looks, using her lover as a chair, and drinking champagne in her lingerie. An army of Kali Uchis lookalikes seems to take over a prison yard, dancing in unison like a deranged, bad bitch flash mob. The video is another gorgeous effort from the singer, producer, and director, and further cements her status as a grade-A todóloga. On Twitter, Uchis explained that the clip draws inspiration from Calle 13 and Nancy Sinatra.

This effort cements the colorful and meticulous visual style the R&B queen has developed in her previous videos, and serves a testament to the coherence of her creative vision.

Watch the clip above, and keep an eye out for Kali Uchis’ upcoming album, set to drop later this year.