Peruvian Folk Wanderers Kanaku y El Tigre Return with Album Teaser “Bubucelas”

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Proof Lima’s axis doesn’t revolve entirely on tropical bass and chicha arrives in the form of this new album taster from Kanaku y El Tigre. “Bubucelas” is taken from the limeño gypsy-folk duo’s forthcoming Quema Quema Quema (Burn Burn Burn), out on May 19 on Strut/Tiger’s Milk Records. If the rest of the album is like this, we can expect a tender sort of melancholy that infuses poppy melodies with the acoustic-style ponderings of modern life.

Conformed of Nico Saba and Bruno Bellatin, Kanuku have been assuaging the introspective musical appetites of their home city since the release of debut album Caracoles (Snails) in 2010. “With the new album, we have focused consistently on the melody and the song despite a multi-instrumental approach,” says Bruno. “We have always shared this process of dreaming up ideas – we both bring light and darkness into the room and use each other as creative mirrors.”

The first official single for Quema Quema Quema – “Si Te Mueras Mañana” – will be released on April 20. It is accompanied by a “freewheeling long-boarding video shot on Lima’s coastal roads.” For anyone familiar with said roads, the video promises to warrant repeat viewings and contain much reckless driving.