PREMIERE: Puerto Rican Rapper Kris Floyd Hits the Miami Streets in ‘CERO’ Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Mike Miller. Courtesy of the artist.

Puerto Rican rapper Kris Floyd goes from “CERO” to 100, as he hits the Miami streets in the music video for his latest single.

His music hits differently with a unique blend of Latin trap and elements of reggaetón. That sound is best exemplified on the knockout “CERO.” Like a boxer in the ring, Floyd’s flow stings like a bee as he curves the people trying to come into his life with ulterior motives. Kris shuts down the B.S. with a refreshing swagger that no one’s got like him. “CERO” follows Floyd’s previous buzz tracks “Complicado” and “Codigos.”

“The message behind ‘CERO’ is that you always have to take care of your energy in all kinds of relationships,” Floyd tells Remezcla about his single. “I think it is good that people who connect with my art feel that they can be more of themselves by listening to my music and they are real with those around them and with themselves.”

Floyd is an artist emerging from NEON16, the group founded by reggaetón producer Tainy to foster the next generation of talent. Earlier this year they collaborated on “Malos Habitos” from Tainy’s EP, NEON16 Tapes: The Kids that Grew Up on Reggaetón. “It feels good to have a team that is on the same frequency as you, working day to day together with the same hunger to accomplish our goals,” Floyd says about his partnership with NEON16.

As for what’s next, Floyd wants to start working on an EP. He already has some key collaborations in mind for the project.