La Favi’s “No Eres Bueno” Video is Reggaeton for Sad Girls

2016 saw reggaeton artists twisting and transforming the genre in unexpected new directions, be it through industrial reimaginings, syrupy romantiqueo, or poppy EDM. One artist whose concoctions we had on repeat this year was La Favi (aka Natalia Garcia), the Bay Area singer who quietly released a bundle of forlorn reggaeton ballads on SoundCloud. The standout of this collection was “No Eres Bueno,” a morose protection spell against all the no-good broke bois you know you should stay away from. “Aunque todos dicen que te debo de dejar/irme con otro que me sepa cuidar/pero no me voy a alejar/aunque yo quisiera no pudiera olvidar,” Garcia sings with airy gloom.

Now the song has a video to match. The clip finds Favi brooding under the San Francisco sun, smoking blunts and cruising in a blue convertible, and swaying in a hammock. Net artist and Favi collaborator Ms Nina makes an appearance too, blessing us with a little perreo by the beach. Favi gazes into the camera, washed in lens flares and light, the melancholy lyrics finding new meaning and power in these luminous visuals. Sad girl reggaeton has arrived.

Watch the clip above, and keep an eye out for material from La Favi in 2017.