Bad Bunny Teams Up With Los Rivera Destino on “Flor,” a Heartfelt Father’s Day Bolero

Lead Photo: Photo by: Bryan Santiago Courtesy the aritst
Photo by: Bryan Santiago Courtesy the aritst
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Fatherhood can be the most rewarding experience. We try our best to keep these tiny humans alive – humans who we had a small part (and really, I do mean small) bringing into the world.

Of course, as is often the case, many fathers are nothing more than one-time sperm donors – a point Los Rivera Destino eloquently make on their new song, “Flor” feat. Benito Martinez (who many may or may not know as Bad Bunny). On “Flor,” the Puerto Rican bolero group take their love of the nostalgic genre, and deliver a heartfelt message for fathers everywhere – letting us know that it’s ok to ease up on the toxic masculinity, while letting others know that we’re all nothing more than a literal reaction to a one-time ejaculation (“Yo no soy, mas que una reacción a una eyaculación que soltaste un dia”).

The song, which was co-produced by Ismael Cancel (iLe/Calle 13) and Los Rivera Destino, drops just in time for Father’s Day, with a bright and cheery video directed by Claudia Calderón to go along with the humorous ballad.

“We found the inspiration for the song in the image of the flower within the culture of bolero and romance,” the band tells Remezcla. “We have a family history of musicians who are fans of boleros and trio music, and when the idea of representing the father figure with the symbol of the flower arose, we did not hesitate to develop it. We saw it as an opportunity to sensitize the fatherly side of human relationships.”

Like some of the previous work of collaborator Benito Martinez (his first time professionally eschewing the Bad Bunny moniker), the band wanted to tap into a sense of nostalgia, while helping a younger generation learn about the bolero sound of yesteryear. “Benito is a great artist, and we had been flirting with the idea of making a bolero for months with the intention of challenging himself and expanding his versatility. The idea was also to teach bolero music to the younger generation, who did not live during that time, and aren’t familiar with that type of music,” the band says.

And even though the band is best known for their cheeky takes on anthems like “Te Bote,” and “Dura,” this original composition showcases the band’s ability to deliver playful punchlines while intertwining social commentary in the mix. “Of course, every day there is more information available in the palm of our hands, and we live in times where many positive changes are taking place,” the band says. “Many artists know how to use the attention they receive to try to stimulate a change of perspective. Not all think that way, many others use it only seek attention to themselves. With the ‘Flor’ video, we included the relationship of the gay couple with their kid [because] people need to start accepting everybody for who they are.”

Check out the video here, and happy Father’s Day:

Los Rivera Destino make their NYC debut on July 11 at DROM.