Maeloo’s “Chopped Moons” is a Blissful Ode to Southern Hip-Hop

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Dominican label Stereoptico has slowly been curating their roster of experimental electronic artists since 2007, most notably with acts like Whitest Taino Alive‘s Cohoba and Chilean producer Marvin Marlyn. Their newest act, Santo Domingo-based producer Maeloo (aka XK), joins the ranks of their forward-thinking lineup, crafting crunchy LA beats, smooth chopped and screwed remixes, and everything in between. Clocking in at just over one minute, “Chopped Moons” is a silky ode to the golden age of early 00s Southern hip-hop, sampling Gorilla Zoe‘s classic hook in “Hood N***a,” (bizarrely renamed “Hood Figga” for radio play). Maeloo’s celestial flip is short, but the track’s slow drum kicks, spacey pianos, and glossy production value make for a blissful, woozy listen. Maeloo’s first release ネオ ンの夢 (Neon Dreams) drops later this week via Stereoptico.