Mint Field’s “Viceversa” Video Captures the Limitless Freedom of Youth

Since forming in 2014, Mint Field has been an object in motion in every way. Last year, the Tijuana trio of guitarist Amor Amezcua, drummer Estrella Sánchez, and bassist Andrés Corella – now comprised of just Amezcua and Sánchez – kicked up a cloud of buzz with their debut EP Primeras Salidas. This year they played Coachella, but what’s really exciting is that their sound is evolving as rapidly as their career.

Primeras Salidas was a varied set of noisy, dreamy sketches, and though dream pop and shoegaze might be go-to influences for young bands right now, Mint Field’s contribution to the trend was bold as a fistful of sparklers, turning heads with sheer verve. The singles from their forthcoming debut album Pasar de las Luces, “Ciudad Satélite” and “Nada es estático y evoluciona” were even more refreshing. Both tracks found them refining their approach into a distinctive blend of their more mature influences, such as Cocteau Twins and Slowdive.

Today, just before they release their album, we are premiering “Viceversa” with a video. If the first two singles are any indication of the band they are becoming, this song might be the most purely Mint Field of their releases to date. It’s an expansive passage that updates Krautrock sensibilities and seems to nod at the post-metal explorations of Alcest. There is a feeling of drifting, limitless freedom created by the gently lapping riff and the near wordless vocals. The accompanying video is a little ambiguous, but it can be interpreted as a story of unrequited young love. It’s beautifully shot, but you may find you’d rather close your eyes and drift away.

Pasar de las Luces is out November 23.