Meghan Thee Stallion describes Hot Girl Summer as a time when men and women choose to be unapologetically themselves, the life of the party, living their truth, etc. For me, it means being literally hot as I accidentally turned off my AC at some point last night. Either way, it’s a sentiment that should, and will likely be (hence her new single with Nicki and trademarking effort), extended into Fall and then forevermore. But, the reality is that not everyone, or dare I say no one, is infallible. So, in living out our sweaty best lives, things can rapidly pivot to Sad Girl Summer without notice. Whether you’ve just become aware that that crush you made out with te mintió y tiene novia, or you’re haunted by the ghost of college classes resuming in a couple of weeks — the end of Summer can be rough sometimes. In comes Mon Laferte, Chilean “yo soy darks” reina.

The 36-year-old singer’s latest single is a welcomed, refreshed reprise of her alt-rock roots, with a lovely saxophone solo sandwiched in between, and consistent vulnerable stance. With visual and lyrical allusions to menstruation, as she dunks in a pool of her own blood and sings lines like “tu que vas a saber/si tu no sangras una vez al mes,” Laferte bundles the effects of physical and emotional pains as she sings about survival, loneliness, and karma. Earlier this year, Laferte opened up about depression after performing at Coachella, and told Culto in Spanish “now on social media people play perfect… that’s not the reality of things: life has its nuances.” And, in shifting from salsa movido to triste blues and soul-nourishing cumbia, she’s managed to capture them well.

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Mi gente querida, ayer fue el último show en @coachella y me sentí muy feliz sobre el escenario, tenía varios meses de estar muy deprimida y me costaba mucho dar un concierto sin llorar, hoy me siento más tranquila y poco a poco recuperando la alegría de vivir. Por que comparto esto? Porque me es muy difícil avanzar intentado ocultar los estragos de mi personalidad, la depresión es ciega, a veces puedes tenerlo todo y aún así estar deprimida. Mi vida los últimos años ha sido una montaña rusa y supongo que ahora me pasa la cuenta. Ahora solo quiero volver a enamorarme de las canciones. Si hay alguien ahí que tenga depre, ánimo, un día a la vez. A modo simbólico me corté el pelo y estoy dejando que asomen con libertad mis blancos cabellos. A dos semanas de cumplir 36 años, estoy viva aún, medio golpeada, pero viva.

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In past singles like “Funeral” and “El Beso,” Laferte proved herself a wide-ranging artist who approaches her videos as all artists should – not a supplement to the track, but rather a piece of art in itself. This one is no different, keeping the viewer entranced with bending of shapes and flaunting of her acting chops. May karma and the end of summer be kind to you, amigis.

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