Nicky Jam Pokes Fun at Reggaetonero Stereotypes in the “Hasta El Amanecer” Video

Last year, “El Perdón” blasted from every taxi cab, house party, and nightclub on the block. With the amount of hype Nicky Jam built for the follow-up to the chart topper, my hopes for his latest single were high, to say the least. “Hasta el Amanecer” is your standard Nicky fare – a tale of a man in pursuit of the object of his affection – but the visuals are a breath of fresh air for the Dominirican star. In the 36 Grados-directed clip, Nicky lusts after a woman at a laundromat (in case you needed a reminder that his thirst knows no bounds), performs a couple magic tricks, breakdances, and has time to suspend some quarters in the air during an obligatory trap breakdown. It’s refreshing to see Nicky poke holes at the self-serious reggaetonero image, so even though “Hasta el Amanecer” doesn’t measure up to the pop ambition of “El Perdón,” it’s a solid effort.