Noa Sainz Explores Different Sides of Love on 2 New Sensuous R&B Singles

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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After her triumphant participation in the recent first edition of Sónar Mexico, Mexican R&B artist Regina Isabel, better known as Noa Sainz, has now dropped a new maxi-single titled A Quiere Irse, B No Quiere Que Se Vaya. Following her 2018 EP No Science and a handful of loose tracks which have earned the Saltillo singer attention and a growing fan base in the Mexican scene, her new two-track release showcases a more conceptual side of her.

The maxi-single borrows its name from an acting exercise which involves two participants: one of them wants to leave and the other one doesn’t want them to and does whatever it takes to make them stay. This creates an automatic tension that is beautifully represented by the two songs here included.


Written last year in Colombia and produced by Bogota-based crooner Jona Camacho, “Ya Mi Mamá Me Dijo Que Contigo Sí” is a luminous neo-soul jam that beams with unaltered love and ethereal flute samples. Sainz sings about a love so strong it even has her mom’s stamp of approval.

On the flipside, her insecurities kick in on the Wet Baes-produced track “Pero Ahora Que Lo Pienso Mejor.” She’s still very much in love, so much so that she doesn’t want her lover to even leave the bed they share. But she senses something is going on and it pains her. “Y es que cada que te quieres ir/Pienso que hay algo malo en mí,” she laments, putting the weight of her decaying relationship over her own shoulders.

‘A Quiere Irse, B No Quiere Que Se Vaya’ is available now: