PREMIERE: After 2 Years, Wet Baes Makes Return With a Jazzy, Psychedelic Double Single

Lead Photo: Photo by Victoria Barmak. Courtesy of the artist.
Photo by Victoria Barmak. Courtesy of the artist.
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It’s been two years since we’ve heard new music from Mexican production wunderkind Andrés Jaime – best known as mysterious cosmonaut Wet Baes – but you can now thank the stars the drought is over. Cosmovidencias 01 is the first of five double singles Wet Baes will drop throughout the rest of the year, all of which embrace the young producer’s affinity for galactic exploration to create expansive new sonic journeys rooted in jazz and sci-fi.

Cosmovidencias 01 kicks off with “Solitario,” a dreamy jazz-flavored travelogue about a lonely stargazer contemplating his place within the vastness of the cosmos. On companion piece “Señal,” Wet Baes sets controls for the heart of the sun with an ambitious and constantly evolving prog-rock rumination playing out like a series of psychedelic montages straight out 2001: A Space Odyssey. With inspirations ranging from neo-jazz figures Yussef Dayes and Matthew A. Tavares to classic rock icons like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, and even film scores by Juan García Esquivel, Cosmovidencias 01 is a dense and extensively researched first taste of a conceptual album of inter-dimensional proportions.

After delighting fans with the funky complexities of his debut album Changes, back in 2017, Jaime retreated from the spotlight to build the sonic workshop he’d always envisioned. Wet Baes has continued performing at festivals and other high profile one-off gigs, but those appearances remained few and far between as he invested the bulk of his time and savings in high-tech studio equipment and space. Jaime’s highly sought-after production skills have led to collaborations with beloved indie all-stars like Cuco, Girl Ultra, and Noa Sainz. Most recently, he launched his own record label, called Bludot, alongside longtime manager Artemio Pedraza.

Listen to Wet Baes’ new EP Cosmovidencias 01 on Apple Music and Spotify.