Premiere: Victor Internet’s ‘Hollow’ is the Sound of Someone Falling Out of Love

Lead Photo: Photo by Zamar Velez. Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Zamar Velez. Courtesy of the artist
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There are people out there who still don’t know who Victor Internet is and that isn’t right. 19-year-old Mexican-American artist Victor Cervantes has been sharing jams online from his home in the south side of Chicago since 2017, including his internet hit “Tinder Song,” which has amassed over 25 million plays only on Spotify. His first EP, released on Brooklyn label Terrible Records and aptly titled Victor’s Debut, is a lovely introduction to his charming world, where genre lines are blurred and his creativity runs wild. Now, the wunderkind is back with a brand new song.

Following his sensational track “I KNO V3,” Victor Internet has now dropped “Hollow,” a futuristic pop song that’s all about sour emotions. It plays like words reverberating in the restless mind of a person submerged in the thought that their relationship is imminently coming to an end. Production-wise, he takes us on a dynamic ride fueled by a forward-thinking beat that’s always shifting, and he manipulates his vocals in any and every way he wants to, only intensifying the heartbreak in the song.

“The idea came from my friend Matthew Castellanos, who directed the video for my song ‘Veins,’” Cervantes tell us over email. “We were having a conversation about the concept of hollowness and how people can be hollow. I immediately thought of romance and relationships, and how that feeling is most common when people are falling out of love.”

Victor Internet is also launching his new merch line today, which you can find on his official website. There’s still no word on whether he’s coming out with a new project soon, but we’re crossing our fingers so hard they’re cracking.