Puerto Rico’s Rafa Pabön Is Guilty of Being Black in “Sin Aire,” a Pro-BLM Freestyle

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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Puerto Rican rapper Rafa Pabön released a new single yesterday: “Sin Aire,” or “Without Air,” an incisive freestyle blast against racism and police brutality. The corresponding video is as intense as the track’s lyrics—trigger warning—Pabön is pinned to the pavement by a police officer interspersed with clips of people in protest and footage of atrocities that have fueled their indignation.

“El Negro de Cupey” expresses not only solidarity for Black people killed by police, but also stresses focus in what has been, and will continue to be, a protracted movement: “The fight has a north; let’s not forget the motive.”

“The lyrics of ‘Sin Aire’ are charged with social and racial consciousness: When there’s no justice, the law has no weight. Without justice, there is no law. Zero tolerance. I don’t have peace of mind while equality doesn’t exist,” Pabön explains in a press release.

He also calls for other artists to “feel and be in solidarity.”

“We have to grow as people and not allow racism, discrimination and police brutality to continue,” Pabön adds.


The lyrics to the track are available in full in the video’s caption. We recommend a thorough analysis.