Romeo Santos’ First Single in 3 Years is Finally Here, and It’s a Jazzy Bachata Serenade

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True to form, Romeo Santos continues to take bachata to new places and into new directions, this time on his first single in three years. As we reported earlier this week, on “Héroe Favorito,” the King of Bachata imbues his style with an unexpected breath of fresh air: a blast of jazzy cymbals. “Héroe Favorito” is a serenade in the true sense of the word; the baby-voiced bachatero yearns to be like Spider-Man, the Hulk, or Batman in this gooey ode to his lover. These sugarcoated, misty-eyed torch songs are where Romeo excels, and “Héroe Favorito” is no different. “Si fuese Batman no habría noches de temor,” he coos in that familiar rosy falsetto. “La Baticueva nuestro nidito de amor.” Are you pregnant yet?

Listen closely for the spoken interlude, where his new catchphrase – “That’s that golden touch right there” – appears. Could this be the new ~*so nasty*~? We’ll just have to wait and see.

If you’re a faithful Romeista, you can enter a contest to see Santos play a small pop-up show in your city. TIDAL, Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile customers can vote for their city here. In the meantime, slip on some white pants and keep this track handy for emergency eyefucking – or, you know, Valentine’s Day. Romeo Santos’ Golden is set to drop later this year.