Romeistas, Rejoice: Romeo Santos Announces Official Wax Figure and New Single “Imitadora”

Lead Photo: Romeo Santos. Courtesy of Roc Nation
Romeo Santos. Courtesy of Roc Nation
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What would a Romeo Santos song be without a theatrical and melodramatic intro? The latest cut from the bachata king’s upcoming album Golden features just that: swirling, cinematic synths and breathy coos. On “Imitadora,” Romeo drowns in the nostalgia of a romance gone sour, yearning for the honeymoon phase of a once passionate love. “Esta noche me hago el interrogante y le pongo fin a la impostora, usurpadora, exijo contigo una entrevista sospecho plagio a mi señora, mala imitadora,” he sings. In classic Romeo style, the song closes out with an English-language refrain. “Tell me where she’s at,” he demands in his signature falsetto. “Imitadora” is a strong comeback for Romeo, a more potent follow-up to the jazzy bachata serenade “Héroe Favorito,” which is the lead single Romeo dropped on Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

Romeistas will also be happy to learn that a wax figure of the bachata king is coming to New York’s Madame Tussauds Museum on July 19, 2017. Back in 2015, fans petitioned the museum to create a figure for the superstar, arguing that his contributions to Latin music and bachata are unparalleled. If the unveiling of the figure is anything like the time he performed on the Today show two years ago, you better start packing up your blankets and snacks for the massive line now.

Romeo Santos’ Golden is due on July 21, 2017.