Midiset Takes Us On An Electro Nighttime Odyssey Through Santiago de Chile

Chile’s burgeoning reputation for crisply-conceived electro has been further enhanced by the stirring piece of underground beat-making that is Reyes, the debut release from Santiago-based crew Midiset. Out on local indie label Cordon Industrial, Reyes is accompanied by a video taking the viewer on a nighttime odyssey through the Chilean capital, a journey that inevitably involves liquor stores, make-up, outdoor parties, and after-hour ball skills.

The Diamante label has recently proven to be a solid platform for Chile’s homegrown legion of electro producers and artists, and is one to follow if that’s where your interests lie, with the label roster including IMAABS, Daniel Klauser, and Lost Generation. Definitely some names to keep an eye on for next time you’re in the Southern Cone.