Watch Trillones’ Nostalgic, Bittersweet Super-8 Shot Video

To bookend one of Static Discos’ best releases in a big year for them, Trillones presents the nostalgic clip for “Resplandor.”

Polo Vega himself has had quite a year, with the release of the amazing Naive Again EP, collaborations with Siete Catorce, remix work, and his here-today-gone-in-a-couple-of-hours singles he has been uploading to his Soundcloud page. Vega says he is ready to say goodbye to this part of his career, as the Naive Again cycle ends with this video.

Directed by Adrian Trujillo and José Inezia, “Resplandor” features Super 8 footage of various Baja California families’ vacations and home movies. We see road trips, amusement park vacations, school activities, and trips to Xochimilco. Complementing the sweeping synthscapes of the track, the found footage evokes nostalgia for memories that are not your own, people who you have no idea who they are; and yet, all feels very homely and bittersweet, like if every frame is hitting close to home. Perhaps it’s the Instagramization of our memories speaking here. What do we know?