WATCH: Javiera Mena Drops Music Video For Lesbian Anthem ‘La Isla De Lesbos’

Lead Photo: Photo by Sharon Lopez. Courtesy of the artist.
Photo by Sharon Lopez. Courtesy of the artist.
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After dropping the song last week, Chilean electropop darling Javiera Mena released the visuals for this year’s newest lesbian anthem on June 14. We’re talking about the music video for her latest single, “La Isla de Lesbos.” 


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“There are a lot of friends, they are all lesbians. Miche [the video’s director] is also a lesbian so it’s all super lesbian,” Mena explained about the music video. “It’s a celebration of sisterhood among women.”

The video captures a group of women sunbathing and enjoying their time by the poolside. Mena dresses in an all-white suit, complemented with golden jewelry, providing the perfect glam touch to her minimalistic outfit. Throughout the video, we see the “Otra Era” singer surrounded by her queer friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During a scene, she locks eyes with a curious woman from afar. The woman appears shy during most of the video, but at the end takes Mena’s hand and joins “La Isla de Lesbos.”

The track’s inviting lyrics include: “Más allá del bien y el mal, lo tienes que probar (la isla de Lesbos) / Más allá del bien y el mal, tienes que visitar (la isla de Lesbos) [Beyond good and evil, you have to try it (the island of Lesbos) / Beyond good and evil, you have to visit (the island of Lesbos).” Her lyrics also describe loving freely in verses like: “Hagamos más, pensemos menos / Tu cuerpo y mi cuerpo embonan perfecto. / Hoy y siempre seamos libres. Love is love, así se dice [Let’s do more, think less. Your body and my body are a perfect match. Today and always let’s be free. Love is love, that’s how you say it.”]

Fans raved about the new video. “The video was great,” Denyss Blue, an Instagram user commented. “The location, the girls showed feminine love, the good kind of love.”

“It is a very summery video,” the Chilean singer-songwriter explained. “The idea is to fill you with love and warmth.”

Watch the music video for “La Isla de Lesbos” below.