Wisin y Yandel Throw a Reggaeton Rave in the “Como Antes” Video, Their First Collab in 5 Years

Leave it to el dúo de la historia to deliver your throwback moment of the week; Wisin y Yandel have joined forces for first time since their breakup in 2013. The new track, aptly titled “Como Antes,” is a glorious rush of throwback perreo, complete with old school snare rolls, a stream of shout outs in the outro, and the moan of a reggaeton chorus girl (“¿Baby quien tú eres?” “¡Tu bizcochito!”) The video finds our favorite sunglass-clad reggaetoneros in a flashy, neon-lit warehouse, in the middle of a rave with a parade of models (yes, Wisin y Yandel are the only two dudes in the video – do you even have to ask?). In his familiar yelp, Yandel promises to be the antidote to your thirst. “Si tu cuerpo me pide un deseo/Te lo calmo cuando hay perreo.” As seasoned elder reggaeton statesmen, Wisin y Yandel’s “Como Antes” is indeed a powerful version of their “receta original,” even if “ponle dembow” and “pam-pam-pam” aren’t the most inspired hooks of the duo’s career.

“Como Antes” appears on Yandel’s new album #Upgrade, out now on Sony Music Entertainment. Watch the video above.