Argentine TV Commercial Trolls Donald Trump, Uses His Speeches to Promote Copa Centenario

Get ready, fam – Argentine sports channel TyC Sports has put out an absolute *fire* promotional video ahead of La Albiceleste’s trip stateside for the Copa Centenario this summer. Remember when TV Azteca used Donald Trump in a spot-on promo to hype up Mexico vs. the U.S.?

Yeah. This is next level.

“We’re having people coming in through the border that are not people that we want. Thousands of people are coming through the border, hundreds of thousands, and they’re unchecked,” says Trump. “We don’t even know where these people are all coming from. They’re coming from all over. They’re coming from South America.”

“These are total killers,” he goes on, Lionel Messi’s most epic game face taking center stage. “These are not the nice, sweet little people that you’d think, okay? We have no protection … We need to build a wall. And it has to be built quickly.”

TyC ends the promo with an emphatic declaration: “The truth is that the best thing you can do is not let us enter.” Messi and company are coming. And they’re hungry for their first Copa América title since 1993.