Here’s How You Can Play as Bad Bunny in WWE 2K23

Lead Photo: Photo by Chris Cornejo.
Photo by Chris Cornejo.
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It probably comes as no surprise that Bad Bunny continues to cross into other industries as his career skyrockets. From movies to sneakers to professional wrestling, is there anything Bad Bunny can’t do?

Now, he’ll be part of video game culture. In the upcoming WWE 2K23 video game, Bad Bunny will be available as a playable wrestler. According to Bleacher Report, customers who pre-order the Standard Edition and Cross-Gen Bundle (or those who buy the Deluxe Edition or Icon Edition at the launch of the game), will get access to the Bad Bunny character. The bonus material will include a “special Ruby tier MyFaction card” featuring Bad Bunny.

Fans were more than excited when news of Bad Bunny’s participation in WWE 2K23 was revealed on Monday (January 23). He was even included in the first commercial for the game. At the start of the commercial, he’s seen walking out of a dressing room and says, “What’s up?” to an invisible John Cena (you can tell it’s Cena because of the “Respect” cap he’s wearing).

An enthusiastic fan then runs up to Bad Bunny and invisible Cena and asks if she can take a selfie with them. The commercial then cuts to Invisible Cena lifting weights at the gym with social media influencer Logan Paul. Later, we see Cena sitting on a couch playing WWE 2K23 when Bad Bunny and former pro-wrestler turned wrestling executive Triple H walk by and say hi.

“Wait, they can see me?” Cena asks with a shocked look on his face.

Bad Bunny is a lifelong pro-wrestling fan. Last year at this time, he showed up in St. Louis to compete in the Royale Rumble.