WATCH: Bad Bunny Gets Rushed by Fan at MLB Celebrity Softball Game & Connects for Base Hit

Lead Photo: Courtesy of MLB
Courtesy of MLB
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During the 2022 All-Star Celebrity Softball Game on Saturday (July 16), a fan of Bad Bunny attempted to rush the field to get to the superstar – and didn’t even come close.

In a video posted by a spectator at the game, the fan can be seen quickly getting stopped before getting onto the baseball field where Bad Bunny was playing an outfield position. It looks like she is laughing when the security officers grab her as if to say, “Well, that didn’t go like it was planned in my head.”

In fact, Bad Bunny didn’t even notice the woman trying to reach him. When the camera pans up after the altercation to show Bad Bunny in the outfield, he’s totally unaware that anything is happening off the field. Maybe if the woman was wearing a pair of Adidas’ “Benitos,” she could’ve at least made it halfway.

Aside from Bad Bunny’s not-even-close call with a fan at the game, the “Tití Me Preguntó” icon had a memorable All-Star weekend. Bad Bunny made everyone wait to see how well he could hit the ball when he called in pinch hitters during his first two times at bat. First, he recruited former MLB player Vladimir “Vlad the Impaler” Guerrero Sr. to step up to the plate for him. Then, he called on former MLB player David “Big Papi” Ortiz.

Later, Bad Bunny showed off his softball skills when he took his first swings at the ball. “He has an almost entire packed Dodgers Stadium on their feet waiting for him to do something big in this moment,” announcer Lauren Gardner said.

Although his first two attempts were strikes, the third time was a charm for Bad Bunny, and he connected for a base hit up the middle of the field.

It was a solid single for Bad Bunny that got the crowd riled up. Maybe wrestling isn’t the only professional sport in his future.